Monday, December 23, 2013

2013 Christmas Gift Giving

This Christmas season, Cherry Mobile CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) team crossed seas and skies, and travelled thousands of miles on rough roads and hilly places just to bring the message of hope and compassion for the survivors of the fatal earthquake and typhoon Yolanda.

It was extremely low tide but CSR team crossed the sea and bring these Christmas presents to hundreds of families living in Lakawon Island, Cadiz, Negros.

The best people to reach out this Christmas are those who think they have no reason to celebrate. In the midst of loss, hopelessness, and despair, Cherry Mobile CSR team went back to Visayas Region and took the initiative to ignite a spark of hope among the families affected by the fatal earthquake last October and typhoon Yolanda in November.  

She is not forgotten this Christmas because Cherry Mobile CARES…

Father and child in Bantayan Island, Cebu, patiently waited for their family name to be called up to receive bags of noche buena goods.

On the second week of December, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team of Cherry Mobile set out to 12 communities in the Visayas area bringing noche buena packs and a lot of game prizes to help the affected families recover from stress trauma.

Four teams simultaneously visited more than 12 communities in Iloilo, Bohol, Cebu, Negros, and Capiz to hold a simple Christmas party for the affected families in the poorest of the poor sector.  CSR volunteers (certified social workers, teachers, business owners, students, government & private employees) conducted stress debriefing thru games for the young and the elderly.

Participants in the community with the oldest Cherry Mobile units received prizes. Kids, moms, and grannies laughed their hearts out as they enjoyed the games prepared by the volunteer organizers. In some areas, the local people even performed a dance number during the program. After a short inspirational talk from Cherry Mobile representatives about the true meaning of Christmas, the whole crowd sang a Christmas song together, rekindling the spirit of compassion, sharing, and giving which is the essential value of the season.

Afterwards, the volunteer organizers drew a raffle for the mobile phones, backpacks, and aluminium water bottles. The crowd cheered with excitement as they wished for their numbers to be called.

The winners of the raffles joyfully received the new mobile units with which they could replace their old phones soaked in water by typhoon Yolanda.

After the short program which was held in more than 12 communities, each family received a generous pack of noche buena goods. Around 2,700 families were made glad by Cherry Mobile with these food gifts.

The essence of Christmas is the realization that there is always a reason to celebrate the season despite all the storms that passed in 2013. Christmas is the best season to be selfless and share more because of the message of love that defines the Reason for the season. Because we freely received love and provision from above, we can share it to those who need comfort and compassion. This is how Cherry Mobile cares unceasingly—by letting the compassion flow through a multitude of hearts until it creates ripples that will eventually cover the entire nation.

This season we are celebrating big and not forgetting what we are celebrating for. This Christmas, Cherry Mobile makes the best preparation efforts, invests the biggest resource budget, and brings out the widest smiles to make a memorable Christmas experience for a lot of people in places where devastation left tremendous loss and shattered hope.

Whatever storms you have gone through this year 2013, you have a Hope to cling on to. With this Hope in mind, you can celebrate the birth of the Saviour. From the Cherry Mobile CSR team, have a merry, blessed Christmas!

Written by Keren Grace Tandico 

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