Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2014: A Year of Community Projects for the Deserving

Where there is water, a community is bound to be born and grow. Communities spring up easily along rivers and other primary sources of water. Such is the importance of a clean source of water in order for a community to thrive and buzz with life. Some communities, however, are situated in areas where water is scarce, one of which is Sitio Catmon, San Rafael, Rodriguez, Rizal.

The municipality of Rodriguez is situated along the slopes of Sierra Madre mountain range. The barangay of San Rafael is located along the range and thus has running water from the mountains which they use for washing clothes, cleaning the dishes, and taking a bath. However, Sitio Catmon has only one existing deep well from which the residents of the communities get potable water for cooking and drinking. For this reason, the families in the area, which number at least fifty, do not have sufficient supply of potable water.

This water pipe tunnels the water from the mountains right into this common area where the residents wash their clothes. They also use this water for washing dishes and for taking a bath.

Soldiers from the 16th Infantry Batallion (IB) of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) recognized this need and suggested that barangay chairman Egardo Sison write a request to Barangay Cherry Mobile. The request sought funding for a water pump installation in Sitio Catmon. Barangay Cherry Mobile is a nationwide grant-giving program of Cherry Mobile. In behalf of the residents, Chairman Sison requested support for a deep well to be constructed in their community.

The request reached the management of the CSR department and received approved funding. Before 2013 ended, CSR manager Leah Lopez along with the supportive soldiers from the 16th IB went to Sitio Catmon for the installation of the deep well. The installation was completed in time for the holidays and served as an early Christmas gift to the community, providing clean water to at least 50 families.

The installation of the deep well is a bayanihan effort between the soldiers from the 16th IB and the residents who would be benefiting from the water project.

This boy tries to use the newly installed deep well for the laundry. The community began using the new water source as soon as it became functional for obtaining drinking water. 

Water gushing out of the water pump marked success for the community project which served as Cherry Mobile’s early Christmas gift to Sitio Catmon.

This is good news, but the greater news is that Barangay Cherry Mobile did not stop in 2013 to grant projects benefiting poor communities in the country. In 2014, Barangay Cherry Mobile is still open to receive proposals or requests for consideration. And even greater news is that every single concerned person with a desire to help their community can determine the most pressing challenge that their community faces and send a project proposal or request to to address that challenge. Senders must state in their letters the reason for their request. They also need to send photos of the area to support their story, and supply their contact details in the letter. Barangay Cherry Mobile will review all the submitted proposals and grant funding to one community project that will benefit the deserving community.

It does not take something special to be a hero. Anyone can touch a life, bring a change, rescue a family, and restore a community. Anyone can be a hero. And you can be one. If you think your community needs support to become progressive and sustainable, then determine the most pressing challenge and set the terms in which it could be solved. Finally, take a step toward its solution. Draft your project proposal now and send it to We can’t wait to extend help to those who need it!

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Written by Keren Grace Tandico

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