Wednesday, April 2, 2014

College Students Map their Journey to Success with the Help of Cherry Mobile

Changing the country one community at a time also means preparing the next generation of leaders and members that will make up the country’s workforce in the next years. In a move to motivate students to understand the various concepts of success and explore resources gearing towards personal and academic success, Cherry Mobile held a training titled Journey to Personal and Academic Success in partnership with the PUP Office of Student Services (OSS) held at the PUP Main Campus, Sta. Mesa, Manila. The training gathered more than 80 PUP students across courses and year levels.

A total of 89 students registered and participated in the training held at PUP main campus.

The training began with opening remarks by Dr. Armando Torres, Dean of the OSS, in which he thanked Cherry Mobile for co-organizing this activity with them to benefit the students. After the introduction and leveling of expectations with the student participants, the students had an ice breaker to set the atmosphere for the session. Acting presidents of two student councils in PUP hosted the event; one of them facilitated the ice breaker game that reminded students to grab the opportunity for learning and growth.

The first session focused on gearing one’s self toward personal success, in which the students learned to assess their own strengths and weaknesses as well as identify opportunities and potential threats that would hinder their lifetime dreams.  The speaker (Ms. Red Peñaflor -Anacay, CSR manager of Cherry Mobile) emphasized that true success is composed of several aspects (physical, educational, professional/career, financial, social/relational, spiritual) rather than focusing only on tangible or material things. To attain such holistic success, she gave practical tips called 5 P’s of Success (Know your Purpose, Plan, Prepare, Personal character/traits, Perform) that will serve as guideline for participants to realize their dreams.

The participants enjoyed playing Pass the Message as part of the interactive training.

After lunch break, the participants had an ice breaker before proceeding to the next session. Ms. Radelie Geavican, Cherry Mobile CSR Officer, discussed five key skills toward academic success. A short interactive game demonstrated the importance of concentration in accomplishing school goals. She also gave some tips on studying effectively.


A student shares his experience on how he manages his time in order to achieve academic goals.

After the sessions, Ms Red introduced the concept of Cherry Mobile STUDENTS’ GUILD, as one of the opportunities for students to maximize their potential and how it would actively benefit them (become one of the scholars of Cherry Mobile, access free trainings/seminars, participate on civic works, etc.). 

The organizers then encouraged the participants to share their experiences in their journey to success both in academics and in their personal lives. The event ended with the giving of certificates and picture taking of happy, satisfied student participants.

Students gladly complete their plan for success in seven life aspects and also fill out application forms for the membership to the STUDENTS’ GUILD.

The STUDENT'S GUILD is a program designed to provide a venue for students to maximize their full potential, excel in each endeavour, consistently observe upright conduct, and do their share in nation building.

Written by Keren Grace Tandico

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