Monday, June 2, 2014

Cherry Mobile Provides Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Employee Empowerment

A roomful of employees benefited from the basic entrepreneurship seminar and livelihood training held by Cherry Mobile in line with its commitment to foster the overall well-being of its employees. The training was designed to provide basic entrepreneurial skills, eventually fostering extra income for them during weekends or spare time together with their family members.

Employees devoted their time to attend and learn the basic entrepreneurship principles and acquire the simple skill of detergent and fabric conditioner making as taught by TESDA - accredited trainers from Honorio M.C. Lopez Technical Institute.

This training serves as an expression of Cherry Mobile’s desire for its employees to develop a mindset for professional growth in terms of venturing into entrepreneurship. Detergent and fabric conditioner making business is one of the flourishing small-scale enterprises in the country today simply because it can be started with minimal capital, based at home, and scalable. The skill and learning that they acquire from this training is a valuable resource that they could share to their family members and relatives who are interested in future business start-ups.

Written by: Keren Grace Tandico

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