Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Make a W1sh W1nner!

Mga ka-barangay, overwhelming ang lahat ng mga posts and entries niyo. For that, we wish to thank all of you who joined this simple pakulo from Cherry Mobile.

As stated in our comment and in our Facebook Page, we have chosen our top 5 picks. May tumula, may nag-rhyme, may nag-cherry and w1 words all the way pero in the end, one entry will be lucky enough to get the Cherry Mobile W1 Phone! We assigned a number to each entry, arranged alphabetically by surname. So, presenting the best five comments:

1.Melanie Abuel
I wish to have a Cherry Mobile W1 phone so I can be a fortress in twitter and Facebok, have 1 million followers who's waiting for my latest tweets and update my fans (na mas marami pa kay Vice Ganda)... and that's anywherand anytime my know there's free WiFi anywhere, kahit sa ilalim ng lupa may free wifi na. So yeah, I wish to have a W1...because with W1...I am Number One! (Ang kokontra lagot sa 1 million followers ko- LOL!Haha!)

2. Rodel Dagle Bodino
Make a W1sh ...

I Wish to have a Cherry Mobile W1 Phone
So that I can have a Great Phone on my own
A Mobile handset with full of surprises
Browsing more Features and so many Access

I`ve seen so many phones around
When I saw this Phone my Heart beats Loud
This Phone will be my Partner and Friend
And I will cherish it until the end

This Touchscreen Phone will make me Laugh
Ill play some song when I`m Down and Sad
Send a messages to my Love ones and Friends
And I will capture every special Moments

A W1 Phone is all that I want
And I will use it with all of my Heart
Cherry Mobile W1 , I wish I May
To have this Phone I Bow and pray

3. Veronica Estrella
“I wish to have the Cherry Mobile W1 phone so i can go online 24/7, because the more hours of surfing, the "CHERRIER"... :-)

4. Philip A. Martinez
I wish to have the Cherry Mobile W1 phone so that I could show the W(orld this) 1 phone that could be my buddy in searching the Web for W(hat) 1 need; Sharing W(hat 1 like to the ) 1's I care about; and most importantly, connecting me W(irelessly with my loved) 1's. For the following reasons, W(hy would Cherry Mobile not grant my) 1 wish?

5. Jay Santos:
I wish to have the Cherry Mobile W1 phone so i can spread the very merry cherry christmas”
From these five entries, we randomly picked one through as our final winner. Eto ang masuwerteng entry.... Drum roll, please.....

Congratulations to, Rodel Dagle Bodino! Effort ang pagiging makata mo! :) Please comment below with your email address and contact number.

To all Cherry Mobile fans-- we still have lots of upcoming special treats for all of you. Abangan niyo yan!

Salamat sa lahat ng sumali! 'Till the next treat!

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