Monday, October 3, 2011

A Whole New Online World

Two years seem like only two days if you are enjoying. For over two years now, Cherry Mobile has been enriching and redefining the way Filipinos communicate through value-for-money handsets that cater to different ages and match every lifestyle. And yes, that message is the same one you’ve been reading in all our communication materials. We know that this statement is already overused, but we at Cherry Mobile, would like to stress once again that we are not just like any other phone brand in the country. Cherry Mobile is a proudly Pinoy company, able to compete head on with other multinational brands, able to sustain the demand of the Philippine mass market with quality, yet affordable, products and services. We always seek ways to develop and improve our current offerings.

While we know that we are barely new in the industry and that there are a lot of improvements that we have to make across the organization, we are growing, we are learning and we are taking each step with our every effort and our whole dedication.

With that, we are very pleased as we introduce to you, our consumers, another exciting Cherry Mobile development. No, it’s not an Android phone or another mobile revolution—you’ll have to stay updated with Cherry Mobile for announcements on that.

With pride, we say that this one is an innovation on its own—the revamp of our official website, This website is part of the best changes that we are making to progress our products and services. We believe that every change should be for the better. Some of you who are our regular site visitors might already be attached to our old website because of recommended links or you just support Cherry Mobile like that. But just like Facebook, we need to make some changes in our site. It might infuriate you, it might drive you crazy, you might get lost in the process, but hey, all these are for your better navigation.

We assure you though, that the new advancements in our website are user-friendly and customer-centric. Hopefully, you’ll love and enjoy everything about it. There’s more to come and it’s only with your comments and feedbacks that we can fully create a website that’s just perfect for every Cherry Mobile customer. So please indulge us with your witty, and (again hopefully) appreciative comments.

But before saying anything, we invite you to take a few minutes to navigate through this website and see the wonders that we’ve created especially for you. It has been a journey putting this together—there were discussions, arguments and eventually negotiations. In the end, the website team has clearly one thing in mind: YOU. This website is all about you, our customers. In here, you’ll get to know more about us. Navigating through this site is a learning experience-- you’ll be a Cherry Mobile phone expert in no time. We’ll give you the details on our success story, the many philanthropic activities that we’ve been doing for our society, employees, the environment and our customers. This site will give you every excruciating detail about each of our products- ROM, Hardware, Processors, Network, Data Connectivity, Battery Life, everything! We’ll give you online customer support and solutions, you can post everything and anything about Cherry Mobile in our forums, stay updated about our latest products and promos, and read the latest news and many more. So we hope you guys will utilize this website to the fullest—it is Cherry Mobile’s another gift for your continuous support and patronage.

We hope you’ll stay with us in every phase of this website. Believe us when we say, the best is yet to come but this one is definitely better than what we had before.

So with that, we welcome you in your first visit in this site. We hope your experience will be as merry and bright as all the red shades in our pages. Enjoy!

- The Cherry Mobile Web Team

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