Thursday, January 31, 2013

Boost your Android's battery life!

How do you get the best battery life from your Android device? Here are 13 useful tips to boost your droid’s juice:

1. Switch to a 2G network. (2G networks are slower than 3G, but 3G uses more power.)
2. Deactivate Wi-Fi when not needed.
3. Turn off Bluetooth if not in use.
4. Switch off GPS.
5. Reduce brightness display.
6. Turn off vibrations.
7. Set your screen timeout to the shortest length.
8. Use plain, static wallpapers instead of colourful live wallpapers.
9. Get an Android battery saver app (e.g. Battery Booster, Juice Defender, Easy Battery Saver, etc.)
10. Disable automatic updates for widgets.
11. Uninstall unnecessary apps.
12. Disable auto-sync.
13. Keep your gadgets cool. (Batteries work best in cooler temperatures.)

We hope this post helps you. Until next time...


  1. CM need more updates on flare sana maging 5point touch siya at yung battery sna mgkaroon na ng 2500mah..

    pki ayos na dn ng massaging nio pag madame na send o gm nagkakaroon ng warning na com.jb.gosms na lumalabas..kailangan pang ei press ok bawat send..minsan failed pa..khit nd go sms gmitin gnun p dn iba nga lng nkalagai sa warning... com.jb.sms..minsan pg ordinary sms or default sms app gmitin mo.gnun dn...

    pki ayos naman..
    nsisira tuloy image ng cherry mobile flare sa texting...

    need some!!

    from cebu ,negros and iloilo flarenatics...

  2. try to have jd ultimate with go powermaater premium my battery last for 10 hours.. nakaopen all the time wifi and txting all day .. hnd pa rooted to lagay nyo lang sa extreme mode ung jd and sa supersave ung go powermaster .. hope na nalatulong :)

  3. try nyo din once a month na icharge ung batt pag 20 % nalang up to 100% para magtagal lalo ung battery much better nga kung hnd dndrain :)

  4. Sna magkaron ng Bluetooth headset ang CM

  5. All I want is a battery pack with at least 2500 for flare...thanks cm but all in all my cm flare works so smooth....

  6. Wats d problem with my flare kc its heating up too much lalo n gngmit ko for games at internet?may defect b yung unit ko or sa battery?i hope CM has an answer for it

  7. Yung headset jack nang flare ko din is too choosy sa mga headsets .hindi nya nire recognize ang ibang brand at type nang mga headset tuloy po ang paggmit ko connecting my flare sa ibang it really its functuon of another defect for flare?

  8. Cm anu dapat gawin para magplay ang youtube sa w7 model

  9. CM bakit po everytime magshotdown ung FLARE PHONE ko nawawala ang mga application and files sa SDCARD? Ganun po ba lahat ng android or SA FLARE LANG PO? Sana matugunan nyo po ang aking problema hassle po kc dahil kylangan ko po magdownload everytime aq magshutdown dahil nawawala po..

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