Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We Want to Keep You Virus-Free!

With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, even Android devices are now being targeted by malware and other online threats. And once you're infected, these bugs can wreak havoc on your system. While there's nothing that will protect your phone completely, you can avoid viruses by doing the following:

• Password-lock your phone.
• Keep confidential or private data off the handset.
• Do not insert anyone's memory card without scanning it. Android is based on the Linux operating system, which is very secure, but viruses, Trojans rootkits, spyware, etc. do exist.
• Update your system software.
• Do not accept MMS from unknown numbers.
• Do not install dubious apps.
• Install an antivirus application. We have to admit that paid antivirus apps work better, but there are free versions that are dependable too (e.g. AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android, Lookout Security & Antivirus, avast! Mobile Security).

If you are concerned that your Cherry Mobile Android device may have been infected by malware, please contact our Customer Solutions.

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