Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Barangay Cherry Mobile Supports National Celebration of Women’s Month

Barangay Cherry Mobile acknowledges the significant contribution of women in the society, not just limited to procreation of humanity but also in vast fields such as the economics, business, information technology, social development work, education, medicine, engineering, politics, science and the arts, among others. 

As many women thrived in their chosen fields, there were those who suffered from various forms of abuses (i.e. physical, verbal, psychological, sexual) due to some other circumstances in life. For this reason, the corporate social responsibility department of Cherry Mobile extended assistance for women in difficult situations all throughout the country. This assistance ranges from livelihood to health, education, training, and relief.

When the nation celebrated Women’s Month, Barangay Cherry Mobile conducted a special activity at the National Center for Women (currently known as DSWD Haven for Women) intended for a special group of women who are experiencing difficulties in life. 

Women of The Haven were honored by Cherry Mobile scholars through an inspirational song dedicated to them.

The clients of The Haven are disadvantaged women who were victims either of involuntary prostitution, illegal recruitment, different types of abuse, or emergency situations. The Haven serves as their temporary home and a threshold to their future, providing protective and rehabilitation services and promoting their rights and welfare. Barangay Cherry Mobile contributed its share not just by providing additional provisions for the shelter and gift packs for a hundred beneficiaries, but to make them feel valued for who they are. The volunteers spent time to encourage the women to be brave, gathering strength from the beauty that comes from the inside.

Volunteers and staff considered the activity memorable just as much as the beneficiaries did, because of the message of personal value and self-esteem that the activity hinged on.

DSWD Haven (National Center for Women) received its guests along with a large group of anticipating women. Employee volunteers and Cherry Mobile scholars visited the Center with a set of organized and exciting activities for them and ears ready to listen to their stories.

The simple programme included games, prizes, and a gift giving for the women and for their children.

As endless as the truth, “All women are beautiful,” is the fact that all women should be recognized and appreciated for who they are and for the roles they fulfill. Barangay Cherry Mobile took time to accomplish this simple yet crucial task, leaving an impact not just on the beneficiaries but also on those who volunteered to show kindness.

Written by Keren Grace Tandico

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