Saturday, May 30, 2015

CherrYouth: Mobilizing and Strengthening the Nation

True to its commitment on genuine CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative, Barangay Cherry Mobile organized its scholars from state universities to respond effectively to the needs of its target beneficiaries.

After several months of social preparation (consultation meetings, home visits, special activities and the like), a two-day youth camp was implemented and birthed the “CherrYouth.”  It envisions being one of the most premier youth organizations in the country in delivering highly relevant interventions concerning their own plight (youth sector).  

Group activities enable them to envision a sustainable youth organization 

Barangay Cherry Mobile seeks to develop students to become empowered individuals who take action in order to contribute meaningful change. These kinds of leaders are not formed just inside the classroom but by exposure to the outside world, where the real environment becomes a valuable teacher. 

Significant outputs and outcomes of the said youth camp were master plan of activities designed by each group and its members; the bond of friendship and camaraderie that were developed among themselves as regarded essential elements in youth organizing; unique learning insights from every activity which they cherished for a lifetime; the amazing self-discoveries that they could hardly believe; and, the self-confidence they gained and gratefulness for a rare opportunity that provide them with unique experience.

Workshops included reporting and role playing to facilitate thought processes among participants.

As part of the lesson on teamwork, scholars experienced the Amazing Race with group mates from both schools (PUP and PNU).

The second day also proved fun filled as the scholars enjoyed the obstacle course with their teammates.

The whole group ate together in a boodle fight, fostering camaraderie among scholars and employee volunteers as well.

The participants had time to share their learning from the camp experience at the bonfire session.

The elected officers of CherrYouth in PUP and PNU together with Cherry Mobile’s CSR Officer for Education Marvin Bernedo

CherrYouth will soon be formally organized and accredited in these two universities as the scholars apply their learning from camp and continue to develop their own capabilities. More than just seeing the guilds formed, the better goal is to see these scholars transform from mere program recipients to agents of change – young people with the will and power to contribute positive change to the nation.

Written by Keren Grace Tandico

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