Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sustainable Livelihood toward Women Empowerment

Women and children are considered the most vulnerable sector of society, and more often, they are victims of all sorts of violence and basic rights deprivation (need for survival such as food, shelter, clothing, clean water, etc.). 

Creating sustainable livelihood opportunities for women will augment family income and eventually bring sufficient food on their tables, access to quality education for their kids, better health, a roof over their heads, and savings for future use. 

Barangay Cherry Mobile donated high speed sewing machines and revolving fund, and committed to provide a series of trainings for the officers to ILAW para sa Kagalingan ng mga Kababaihan at Bata. Selected members of ILAW women’s organization are given opportunity to develop knowledge, skills, and right attitude on basic entrepreneurship, project management, leadership skills enhancement, basic bookkeeping, and other related topics that would increase their capability to run their social enterprise.  

ILAW received high-speed sewing machines from Barangay Cherry Mobile as a means to provide sustainable livelihood opportunities for its women.

The revolving fund covers necessary expenses for the implementation of the social enterprise such as purchase of raw materials.

It is expected that this project will help augment and develop the existing livelihood project of ILAW; generate funds for the organization to sustain its programs and services; develop the capacity of the organization to effectively manage and implement their social enterprise; and lastly, to contribute to the campaign for the care for environment through recycling. 

Women in the communities covered by ILAW now have another opportunity by which they could earn income for their families.
ILAW members are glad to have equipment for producing local items which they can sell for a living. 

A decent life for every Filipino family is what Barangay Cherry Mobile hopes for. Sharing resources for the impoverished sector of society gives meaning to the existence of the business which defines its identity as an institution. 

Caring for school kids in poor communities, Barangay Cherry Mobile also provided school supplies for the children catered by ILAW.

Written by Regine Penaflor-Anacay

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